Welcome to the London Ghostwriter blog

14th January, 2021

Welcome to the London Ghostwriter blog. ????

 It’s lovely to have you here, and I look forward to sharing my writing/book publishing/industry tips, along with a peppering of assorted musings.

As a ghostwriter, I collaborate with extraordinary people every day and trust me; it gets the creative juices flowing nicely. So, stay tuned – I’ve got a lot to say; I’m always getting a massive boost of inspiration.

Although the self-proclaimed ‘London Ghostwriter’, due to the alchemy that is the internet, I work with people worldwide. Last year alone, I collaborated on books with people in the US, Australia, Spain, India, and the UK. It takes a lot of Skype and Zoom calls, and a lot of coffee!  

I am just one of 7.8 billion people on this planet, yet, for me, there couldn’t be a more inspiring occupation than ghostwriting. I adore getting to know the inner workings of other people’s minds and unveiling their perspective on our fascinating world. It’s hugely satisfying helping people tell their stories. For me, little matches the feeling of seeing a client with their book in their hands.

Amongst many things, I’m fascinated by philosophy, travel, injustice, psychology, sociology, relationships, business, history, and music.

I’m a music nerd too, and I make weird and wonderful music. I produce and play live shows, using loopers, vocoders, guitars, keyboards, and pretty much anything that flashes and bleeps. I’ve lived a colourful life, just like you. I’ve wept, fell in love, raved, grieved, swam in tropical lakes, climbed mountains, played huge stages, and have lived for a week in London on £5 (ask me how!). You can tell me anything – I won’t judge.

I can’t wait to get to know you better.  

Claire – London Ghostwriter.


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